Press Release – October 2011

(Pers Verklaring in Afrikaans)

Shimmer… the talented sister Trio, have just released their second album. Shimmer can be seen as one of the most exciting new girls bands in South Africa, entering the unsaturated market of Afrikaans Pop music.

Shimmer exists out of the three sisters Chazelle – lead singer, Marlize and Michelle – the harmonic voices, even though they also lead some songs, together they keep en let the group’s music sound alive and unique.

Shimmer originally formed in Durban, 2001, where they performed mostly in English in and around Durban. In 2007 they entered the market with their first English album “Pieces of Nothing”, which contained mostly English Pop Rock songs.

In 2008 they started work on their second album, an Afrikaans debut album, containing mostly Afrikaans songs, most of which was their own compositions. This Afrikaans debut was released in January 2009 to local Radio stations in Gauteng. The song “Alleen In Johannesburg” have climbed to position #1 on Oos Rand Stereo’s (93.9FM) chats and stayed there for 5 weeks. This song also received a nomination for “Song of the year on Oos Rand Stereo / Vonk Musiek in 2009.”

In 2010 Shimmer got nominated as “Best New Group” in the Rapport/Vonk Afrikaanse Musiek awards, which proves that these girl band have a surprise element and will be seen in the industry quite a lot.

Shimmer’s second Afrikaans album, “Eendag” was officially released in September 2011, can clearly show Shimmer’s growth in the music industry. This album set their unique sound with harmonies and original music style. The most of these songs was written by themselves, providing a sophisticated mixture of Euro dans, but also an adult contemporary pop music style, with original lyrics and music.

Shimmer is a fresh breeze in a South African music landscape , where it became virtually impossible to distinguish the one group from the next. “There have not been anything like it in the Afrikaans music industry, that sounds like them” – Pedro Carlo, Oos Rand Stereo.

Shimmer’s new album “Eendag” is available nationwide and on the Internet and is being distributed by Next Music.

Their music video from the song “Staan en Wag” is on YouTube and have officially released to DSTV, KykNet, SABC2 and ASTV.

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